​In 2014, SHEROES GLOBAL carried out a research with youths in years 1 - 6 of secondary school, with ages ranging from 13 - 18. The purpose of the research was to find out who the mentors were in the lives of the youth. The result showed two in three youth did not have an adult mentor. This result is an indication of the number of youths that are at-risk, reaching the age 19 without ever having a mentor. 60% of the researched youth mentioned that they did not have mentorship from their parents and older siblings, a group which naturally are in the lives of these youth and are some of the most influential people in their lives. While parents and guardians are youth’s top influence against poor choices, they may not possess all the answers, and sometimes, youth need the support of external mentors who can support them positively and with whom they can get the help needed to find their place in the society and be useful to themselves and their community.  

SHEROES mentors work with youth and women through a well designed mentorship program to support them through finding themselves. We also work with youth groups, women groups,  group coaches, churches and schools to reach youth and women who need our support.


Our mentors are individuals who are role models, leaders and professionals in their various fields of endeavour, who are passionate about seeing women reach their highest potential and who guide youth to become leaders of tomorrow.

Are you one of these and interested in becoming a SHEROES mentor

Then this is an opportunity, not only to support women and youth to find themselves, but also to gain a deeper understanding of youth problems, gain a sense of accomplishment as you positively impact the lives of others, discover more about yourself, enhance your resume, improve your interpersonal skills and develop empathy.

Send us an email at: info@sheroesglobal.com with the following information:

- Full name

- Date of birth

- Gender

- Phone number (Including country code)

- Email 

- Home Address

- Profession

- What mentorship experience you have and for how long.

- Why you are interested in being a SHEROESMentor

- What is your area of expertise that you want to mentor on

- Two references in relation to your experience as a mentor: (Their names, Phone numbers, email addresses and how you know them)

today, and once approved, you will join our list of experienced and successful mentors who have the passion to help others grow.

Are you interested in growing personally and in your business?

Then you can apply to be a SHEROES Mentee.

Once approved, you will be connected with one of our many Mentors in various parts of he world to help you become the best you can be.


Our mentees are women and youth who want a better and brighter future for themselves and seek the support of mentors who can guide and help them achieve their dreams.

If you need the support of our mentors, then send us an email:  info@sheroesglobal.com with the following details:

- Full name

- Date of birth
- Gender

- Address

- Profession 

- In what area are you seeking mentorship?

​​​The SHEROES Global MENTORSHIP PROGRAM is delivered in the SHEROES Global ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY and works with women and youth who desire to be guided and lead by leaders who can help them shape their future positively. The program connects women & Youth with Mentors to be mentored for growth.

It has often been said that the youth are our future. Unfortunately that future is not always automatically bright as some succumb to crime, drug addiction or self-destruction. If the Youth are truly are our future, then it is our responsibility to shape our future by shaping our youth. 

​Experience has show that behavior, attitudes, and relationships improve when a youth has a mentor guiding them towards a positive future. Youth with positive mentors have higher rates of pursuing an education and are less likely to drop out of school. Our Mentorship program works with youth and women in the areas they need support to help them discover themselves, build their self-confidence & self esteem and become well able to create positive goals for themselves. Our mentors help the mentees grow and close the social and economic opportunity gap, creating positive impact in their lives. 



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