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The EXPLORING OPTIONS School project was started in Ireland in 2014 with the AIM of creating valuable opportunities for young people to engage in creative thinking, become innovative and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set early in life. The project gives FREE career talks and books to youth, helping them decided on a career path very early in Life

This project has been enhanced through the use of the book "Exploring Options... A guide to making career choices" which is given FREE all over the world.

The goal of the project is simple:
-  To deliver CAREER Talks to secondary school students in         

   different parts of the world, FREE OF CHARGE
-  To distribute copies of the project book FREE to students all   

   over the world. (So far, 12,500 copies of the book have been given

   FREE to young people in Europe, Africa and America).
- To identify, recognise and support students who have the 

   potentials to become entrepreneurs early in life.  

Tailteann Crescent, Navan,                     
County Meath, Ireland               

The EXPLORING OPTIONS book has positively impacted thousands of lives in various countries of the world.

copes of this book have so far been given FREE to young people in Africa, Europe and America.

We thank all our wonderful friends who have generously supported the EXPLORING OPTIONS PROJECT. God bless you and replenish you a thousand folds. 


Over the past few years of working with young people in Europe, Africa and America, Our founder has discovered and learnt alot from talking to them about the many issues that bother them. One of these is; The challenge they face with choosing a career. Taking all she has has learnt from her work with youths into consideration, she has written this book, 'EXPLORING OPTIONS....A guide to making career choices', to address some of these issues and to serve as a learning tool for young  people all over the world.

Her GOAL is to distribute copies of this book FREE to young people in any part of he world. So far, 12,500
 copies of the book have been given FREE to students in Africa, Europe and America. She is constantly seeking the kind support of friends and kind-hearted people to make this goal achievable. kindly sponsor copies of this book to help us give them FREE to students anywhere in he world. 

One book cost €3 from printing to delivery. So please sponsor as many books as you possibly can to reach as many students as possible.  

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