Sdg 8 - Decent Work & Economic Growth


Recognizing and celebrating Women & Youth who Inspire, Empower and Impact.


Empowering  Women & young people with Entrepreneural skills through vocational training  & Mentorship, to improve their livelihoods, reduce poverty / unemployment..

​Solves the problem of women not being able to own & sustain poverty-alleviating income streams, so they can support their families and save for rainy days.
SHEROES Global Network

I was truly honoured and humbled to be recognised as a SHERO. This is putting pressure on me to work harder and give more to young ladies in my society. I am honoured to be a SHERO and excited to be part of this journey"​ ... Dolapo Ola (Founder Limitless generation Project) - 2015 SHERO

​​​SHEROES Global PROJECTS (Addressing SDGs 1, 3 & 8)

Sdg 3 - good health and well-being 

SHEROES Global Awards

​​​​​"Such an honour to be nominted as a SHERO. I'd always thought people won awards because of who they knew. I had an exciting experience and it was delightful to meet amazing women doing  great things." ... Tokie Laotan-Brown (Environmental Architectural  Technologist) -  2015 SHERO  

SHEROES 'exploring options' CAREER proJECT

Offering FREE career talks to young people and helping them decided on a career path very early in Life.

Solves the problem of inadequate career guidance for young people, by giving free career talks and the 'Exploring option' career guide book, FREE to young people in secondary schools, with opportunities for exploring various career options.

​​​We would love to hear from you at SHEROES Global

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The Conferencing of women and Youth
to inspire, empower and impact
participants for positive change.
SHEROES Entrepreneurship Academy
SHEROES Global Girls Club (SGGC)

Sdg 3 - good health and well-being 


Empowering women and youth to be more,

Celebrating women and youth
who dare to be more. 

Sdg 1 - Reduce poverty

SHEROES is such an outstanding initiative. It is amazing to see the amount of hard work & research that goes into selecting nominees and winners. Let's keep encouraging and celebrating women who make things happen in their sphere of life." ...Elizabeth Ozua (MaryKay Cosmetics National Sales director) -  2015 SHERO

SHEROES charity

Supporting the less privileged
in the society.



A safe place online for women to Network and discuss all things female
Career / Relationship / Health / Social life and more.
SHEROES 'Exploring Options' Career Project

"I am still trying to get over the impact i felt at the SHEROES Awards. This is a unique initiative that is bound to inspire all who get involved. I have drawn strength from this. I am proud to be a SHERO." ... Esther Onolememen (President Pan European Sickle Cell Alliance - PESCA) - 2015 SHERO 



This is our Flagship transformation Project which  focuses on raising boys to be good men, giving them  a positive orientation and helping them grow into confident, responsible men.

Solves the problem of anti-social behaviour in the lives of young boys by training GOOD MEN to become mentors and role models for young boys in their communities, who then raise the boys to be GOOD MEN. 

SHEROES global GIRLS CLUB - sggc

An enabling platform for young
people to address anything that impacts on their social, physical and and mental wellbeing,  Empowering them to be pro-active, inclusive, catalyst for positive change.

Solves the problem of low mental /emotional wellbeing, caused by self-doubt and societal restrictions placed on girls, by role-modeling successful women, to inspire and motivate gilrs to break out of societal-box, and pursue their dreams, become more, and inspire positive change in their communities.


Sheroes 'Boys to men' Project