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These are amazing women who do extraordinary things which positively impact lives. They are nominated by individuals and selected from a long list of nominees by our final-select-panel to  receive a SHEROES GLOBAL AWARD at the annual Awards ceremony. They are celebrated. 


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SHEROES Gobal, is a development and support NGO on a mission to empower disadvantaged women & youth to become positive change agents through changing orientation and building positive mind-set, as we inspire them to be more, recognize their efforts, celebrate their successes, equip them to build sustainable businesses, impact their communities positively and be supportive of one another in line with the UN sustainable development goals 2030.

We solve the problem of inadequate attention/importance given to the needs of women and young people, to be self-confident, self-reliant, to develop self-esteem and have a clear sense of direction in life in our countries of operations. We do this by delivering positive impact projects that inspire and empower women and young people to have a positive re-orientation, build positive mind-set and become self-reliant & supportive of one another.

We have chapters in: Ireland, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Malawi.  


Our MISSION is to Inspire women and young people to be more, empower them to support one another to be more, and celebrate them when they dare to be more.

​This is achieved through the strategic delivery of our positive impact projects, with the support of our members, mentors and ambassadors who believe in and support the achievement of our goal with their available resources like time, network connections, funds etc.

Our Goals form the basis of our FOCUS, and we deliver them through our Projects & Programs- 
1. Raising boys to be GOOD MEN                                            - Through SHEROES BOYS TO MEN PROJECT
2. Support Network for women                                                  -  Through the SHEROES WOMEN's NETWORK

3. Building the self-confidence and self-esteem of Girls            - Through SHEROES GIRLS CLUB

4. Career Guidance for young people                                        - Through EXPLORING OPTIONS CAREER PROJECT
5. Economic Empowerment of Women and Young people        - Through SHEROES ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY

6. Recognition of ordinary Women doing Extra ordinary things - Through SHEROES GLOBAL CONFERENCE & AWARDS
​7. Empowerment of young people & their mental well-being     - Through SHEROES YOUTH FORUM

Our VISION is to see society where:

- a woman can reach her highest potential, free of violence, and supported by, not just men, but other women who desire the best for her,

- and young people are raised to be positive change agents in their communities.

SERVICE: We honor our word to serve by staying focused on our goal.

-   HONESTY: Our team-selection is guided by the need for all our team members to be empowered and honest in all activities & in dealing      with people.

-   ETHICS: We strive to meet the highest ethical standards

-   RESPECT: We emphasize respect for self and for others.

 OPENNESS: We are committed to openness and transparency in our work.

-   EMPOWERMENT: We believe in, practice and promote the empowerment of every woman and young person.

-   SUPPORT: We are dedicated to supporting women and young people to be more, and we celebrate those who dare to be more.


These are powerful women and men who understand, believe in & propagate the SHEROES Global Mission, Vision, Goal & Objectives on all promotional platforms, including social media; represent SHEROES Global positively by all means, and increase awareness of / raise needed support for its Projects. They pick a project and drive it. They are celebrated.




These are the Super Women who are at the heart of SHEROES Global. They run the projects. They understand & believe in the SHEROES Global Mission, Vision, Goal & Objectives, and run the Initiative with a can-do spirit, leading projects in their areas of experience and expertise, and delivering project tasks to completion. All our SUPERSHEROES are VOLUNTEERS who join the SHEROES Global team in their country of residence.  They are celebrated. 

​​SHEROES Global


These are powerful and influential women and men who leverage on their achievements, exemplary leadership and status in society, to support and drive the SHEROES Global Mission, Vision, Goal & Objectives  and lend their names / voices to increasing awareness and support for the SHEROES Global Mission. They drive all SHEROES Global projects. They are celebrated.

Tailteann Crescent, Navan,                     
County Meath, Ireland               

"I have learnt that the best way to become rich is to help people get what they want and the best way to become a leader is to take people where they wish to go.

When they arrive and get what they want, you become the LEADER of rich leaders." ...Yemi Adenuga - SHEROES Global Founder.