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Any woman can be a SHERO through her actions that inspire, influence and impact others. Keep doing the good you do, you never know whose life you're touching.


For Positively Impacting the lives and representing the needs of Traveller, Roma / marginalised women​



For positively and selflessly impacting lives

in the community

      For empowering people       aspiring to advance in

their careers

CEO - Cairdeas Homeless Action Group, Ireland 
Lindi is a mother of five beautiful children. She got married to her amazing husband last June. She is currently a student studying to be a social worker. Lindi started Cairdeas Homeless Action in Nov 2014 and has been running the organisation successfully since then. In a very short time Cairdeas was  honoured by president Michael D Higgins in the Àras and Lindi was privileged to meet him and his lovely wide at the ceremony. Shortly after, Lindi was nominated for and won the Pride of Ireland award in the mansion house Dublin. She met the amazing Christina Noble who is her idol and who she aspires to be like.

 Since then Cairdeas has endeavoured to support, advocate, advise, love and befriend the homeless community of Dublin City and surrounding areas. Lindi also runs an out of hours service and her emergency contact number is active 24 hours a day. She also holds a soup kitchen 2 days a week on a Monday and Friday on Grafton street outside Bewleys between 8.30 and 11pm. In the time she has have faced many challenges, the most difficult challenge is going home and leaving behind the people who we care about in such a heartfelt way.

Since starting in 2014, Lindi and her team have come face to face with death, suffering, medical issues, stigma and Anguish, and they have continued regardless because their love and passion far outweighs anything negative they could ever be faced with. The love and bond they share with the homeless community who they have come to know as friends will never be broken.

 Lindi and the team aspire to be what they always have been, a group of ordinary people who refuse to allow the suffering of others go on at their doorstep. They have become experts at showing love to people they don’t know but who they love, care for, share with, advocate for, advise,  give, cry with, transport, go above and beyond for and most importantly, who they will unconditionally support. These are their homeless friends, who will remain their friends forever until they are treated with the support and help they deserve. No more and no less.

CEO - Career Nugget
Morenike Ajayi currently works as the Assistant Director of Finance & Procurement with a London Housing Association. She is also the TV presenter and Executive producer of "Career Nuggets", a flagship programme via OHTV UN1TY app. 

Having mentored a few candidates, Morenike recognised that there are many whose mindsets and work ethics have held them back from aspiring for more.  Identifying the gap in the marketplace has compelled her to create "Career Nuggets" a social enterprise aiming to bridge this gap. 

Career Nuggets launched March 2015 and the successes have been overwhelming. She has a successful TV programme on OHTV and regularly receive numerous testimonies, comments and appreciations.

Morenike has formally mentored 18 people, who are now strategically placed in the workplace and have informally mentored many. She provided work experience places for 7 youths and paid employment places for 27 people.

Founder - Speaking from experience and my heart

After experiencing Domestic Violence and Marital rape, Bernadette felt that she just could not bury this period of her life along with all the help and support she had obtained from Women’s Aid and The Dublin Rape Crisis Center.  

Growing up in a family where one parent suffered from mental illness she was always aware of the profound impact this had on her as a person and on family life.  Despite several searches, she never found the help she needed to understand this illness. Nor did she find help anywhere to deal with her memories of visiting a mental hospital as a child.  Nobody explained what was happening in her childhood world.   To help combat the problem of suicide in our society she became a certified Suicide Intervention Specialist.   She has also attended certified Women’s Aid courses to empower her better to assist victims of DV

In November 2014 she founded Speaking From Experience And My Heart.  She choose this name because her talks are based on her life lived experience which come straight from her heart to help others. 

Her mission is to have people learn from her experiences and to spare them the pain of passing through the same things she did, sometimes without advice or help.  It is also her aim to let people see the joy of life in all experiences because God doesn’t give us challenges that we cannot pass through                                            

To date she has spoken at numerous events and conferences about her experiences.  She spoke also at the launch of the Dublin Rape Crisis Center annual report 2015 and her blog ‘Just When I Needed Them Most!’  was printed in the report.

Human rights activist - On issues affecting Travellers

Rosaleen is a long time human rights activist particularly on issues affecting Travellers, Roma, women and people with disabilities. Rosaleen has built her feminist analysis and career from her subjective experiences as a Traveller woman and a woman with a disability. She has worked in Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre for ten years where she jointly managed the Violence against Women programme. She is a playwright and a regular contributor to The Irish Times writing from the perspective of a Traveller feminist. She is currently a PhD candidate in Northumbria University.

To date she has spoken at numerous events and conferences about her experiences.  She spoke also at the launch of the Dublin Rape Crisis Center annual report 2015 and her blog ‘Just When I Needed Them Most!’  was printed in the report.

CEO - Make Mee Elegant

Kehinde is from from Nigeria and is a weaves,wig and extension manufacturer with her factory, Next Level Manufacturing in Nigeria. 

Apart from being a manufacturer, she is also into free empowerment training, giving back to humanity free, a course that has taking her to different countries to empower the jobless and the youth free. She also mentors to see that youth are useful to the society and also be their own boss.

She has traveled to countries like UAE, United kingdom, United state of America, Ethiopia, South Africa and Ireland to organize free empowerment training. She has also worked with NAPTIP (national prohibition for human trafficking and child's labour) in Nigeria to train girls taken out for prostitution free, empowering them to be self reliant and be useful to themselves and the society.

One of her passion is to give back to humanity, give people hope, put smile on their faces, help them to be their own boss and be a source of joy to so many. Make Mee Elegant has been a source of joy and strength to over 10,0000 youth in all Nigeria and other countries.

Vice President - Women Aglow, Ireland 

Joan is what you would call 'a Proverbs 31 Woman'. This amazing christian woman of substance has a heart of gold for giving and caring and any who know her say the beauty of Christ shines through her. With a desire to bless others, Joan is an example of loving kindness, joy, wisdom, gentleness, knowledge and love to all.

Joan longs that all people know the Saviour Jesus and what He has done on the cross for them. She naturally shares her faith and there is no falseness about her. She knows that everything she does is because of Jesus in her. Joan is always available and gives from a grateful heart. The word of God is her rock and she has an amazing ability to have the perfect scripture for every situation.

Such was the strength of her character when she first met the SHEROES GLOBAL Founder, Yemi Adenuga in the 2000. Not knowing Yemi from Adam, Join supported her through the birth of her 2nd daughter and was to become the God-mother to the beautiful little girl. She since became and remained a part of Yemi's family and continues to touch lives positively.

For these and more, Joan Long received the SHEROES GLOBAL FOUNDER'S AWARD FOR 2016.

Founder - Empower54 

Princess Modupe Ozolua is a social Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Body Enhancement limited in Nigeria, a company that pioneered cosmetic surgery in Nigeria in 2001 and aesthetic lasers in 2007. She is also the founder and president of Body Enhancement Annual Reconstructive Surgery (BEARS) Foundation. Modupe Ozolua now gives hope to the less privileged, using her cosmetic surgery procedures to help, 

Modupe Ozien Ozolua is a Princess from the Benin Kingdom in Nigeria. She was born in Benin City, Nigeria October 10, 1973, the youngest of four siblings born to Mr and Mrs M.S Ozolua. Ozolua is a businesswoman and philanthropist; she started earning money "at the age 18, by working in McDonalds’ in America while in college in 1991. The first business Ozolua had was a communication business in Los Angeles prior to pioneering cosmetic surgery to West Africa at the age of 27.

Recently, through her NGO, Empower54, Princess Modupe Ozulua began sending 140,000 nutritional meals in partnership with ‘Feeding Children Everywhere’ (FCE), to malnourished children and families who have survived terrorist attacks by the Boko Haram, in Northern Nigeria. The NGO conducts free medical missions; distributes medical supplies and equipment to under-equip hospitals, and conducts medical seminars to encourage exchange of knowledge between visiting medical personnel and indigenous medical team. The group also collate population statistics via BioMetrics and BioDatat to enable us come up with health, education and empowerment solutions to neglected regions in Africa.

The group travels to remote villages and communities to donate non-perishable foods to underprivileged people to reduce the high mortality rate in those communities. In addition, to eradicate hunger, they encourage self-sufficiency in agriculture by distributing bags of fertilizers, seedlings, and traditional farming tools to rural farmers to support their food production. Empower 54’s education programs include giving scholarships to children from underprivileged homes, rebuilding of schools, and donation of school materials to children. They rebuild schools in underprivileged communities and provide a combination of conventional education and vocational training for children and women.

They support and establish skills acquisition centers to teach/encourage young girls and women vocational skills to enable them become self-sufficient by donating resources that enable them become entrepreneurs. Their programs for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Refugees are focused on rehabilitation of women through self-employment schemes by donation of machinery, monies and materials to enable them commence trading to earn a living and rebuild their lives. They also establish temporary skills acquisition centers at their camps to give them conducive environment to learn and work.


Founder - Variety Show Group

Tina Nwachukwu, also known as Bessing Win, along with group directors Jessica Chichi McDonald-Agu, started the variety Show group in May 2014. They were later joined by now group  secretary Koketso. Tina is a mother of 3 boys and was Ms Blanchardstown, Ireland in 2016. She has contested in several beauty pageants in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK where she represented Blanchardstown and Dublin.

The variety Show group was founded in Dublin to take children out of the streets and from anti social behaviour. They get to interact with each other and also mix with other cultural ethnicities in Ireland. The parents of the children get involved and ae able to integrate with other cultural groups during rehearsals. After several rehearsals, the children perform for an audience, showcasing their talents and personality. This is done annually.

In February 2016, Tina travelled to Aboh, Delta state in Nigeria on behalf of the variety Show group for charity work where they organised a talent show for children, and supplied 3000 copies of note books to 7 Schools around aboh villages. They also gave some widows 11 bags of rice. In June of this  year, after the 3rd annual Ireland variety show, Tina went back to Nigeria for 2 months where she worked with the youths and organised a talent show for them in Asaba, Delta state. They also provided 2 wheelchairs for disabled people.

The variety Show group is a non-profit organisation that is based in Ireland, fingal area that works with children and have expanded the age range to teenagers and adults. 


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For supporting and

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For Positively Impacting the lives of the less privileged through philanthropy work  with Empower54